Aladdin was a thief

Aladdin was a thief.

How inappropriate. What an awful lesson to teach kids – that stealing is okay. He’s charming, sure. But in the real world, thieves are criminals! Predators, attacking innocent, hard-working humans.

Is it so black and white?

Virtue is about building a marvelous future. Building is key – nature flourishes, and the environment improves, and humans thrive, there’s room for happiness and bliss.

So suppose you’re a builder. You wish to build this marvelous future. Is stealing still bad?

Actually, what aspects of the mind are required to steal? What are you training for? Could thievery be a game to help one understand a virtue due to the skills required? Is thievery fun?

How do you do it? Ok, I need to create a distraction, sleight of hand, manage other people’s focus while still maintaining my own focus on the goal. Focus. Everything is at stake. Can you summon that focus to build castles?

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