3 items

A  girl told me: “Imagine a white room; it’s empty, but for 3 of your personal items. What are they?”

I thought, and said – I want my guitar, a mirror to practice dancing, and a laptop with internet, so I can study math and physics.

She was skeptical about the laptop; she asked me what the purpose is – what I want to study for; what do I want to find out?

I replied that there is no purpose. It doesn’t have to go anywhere. Learning math and physics is inherently meaningful to me, just as playing guitar, or dancing; I don’t need an audience. I don’t need to become great at it. Simply doing it is already the destination, no further goal needs to exist.

I do have goals, however, I continued. With my career I do have ambitions, and I do want to achieve a certain level – and one of the things I want to achieve is to be free to do the things that are immediately meaningful to me.