Reflection – first stab

Today, I tried to simultaneously solve a problem I’ve never encountered before, and listen in on my thought process, and disassemble it.

I found that I don’t have a good enough notation to write down the thought process. Writing down the whole story waters down the conclusions.

I thought that the solution to any problem is a tree, or a graph. Perhaps I should try drawing these maps, and being more visual in my approach: recognizing which paths I did not see, and which paths I chose mistakenly.

Perhaps practicing drawing out these maps on paper, I can get good at drawing them out in my head. That way, encountering a new problem, I’ll immediately try to apply that skill – drawing out the problem space, and then having a map for navigating my solution that I can reference.

One thought on “Reflection – first stab

  1. Good Evening Alexey,

    I appreciate the simplicity of this conclusion and found interesting your arborous approach!

    I think writing these problems down evokes their essential aspects to the surface, making their characteristics tangible. And in engaging them, we may abate some of their nettling characteristics: disquieting dissonance and confusion.

    Hopefully you’d yield us a visual landscape in a future post 🙂

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